Data Collection: We will complete qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys with newcomer entrepreneurs to gather information about their entrepreneurial experiences. We will also conduct interviews with Business Improvement Associations (BIAs), both mainstream and ethno-racial, in order to gain a better understanding of the regulatory environment impacting entrepreneurial activity in the GTA.

For the qualitative interviews and the quantitative surveys, the participants will be over the age of 25, with experience starting a business in Canada, who came to Canada within the last 30 years through different pathways (refugee, economic or family).

Female participants and individuals who came to Canada through refugee pathways are strongly encouraged to participate.

For the informational interviews aimed at examining the regulatory environment, the participants will be knowledgeable individuals from the BIAs.

Location: The project will be implemented in the City of Toronto, Mississauga, Newmarket, Brampton and Markham, which are municipalities with high population density and where the majority of newcomers in the GTA settle.